A new website for a non-profit organisation

Project type: Website Redesign

Role: Web Designer

Project length: 2.5 months
(December 2023 -February 2024)

Tools: Figma, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, WordPress

Roman Finds Group website mockup
  • Improve outdated design – the old website appeared dated and didn’t meet modern design and
    usability standards.
  • Make the website easy to update and edit – implement a CMS (content management system, specifically, WordPress).
  • Enhance website’s functionality – implement features such as membership management, donations,
    conference/events sign-ups with payments, web analytics
  • Provide support and training for the organisation’s website editors
Roman Fids Group - old website's home page
Home page of the old website

The solution

  • Modern, visually appealing website with user-focused, image-led design.
  • New colour scheme inspired by one of the artefacts – a Roman bowl with enamelled decoration. Complimentary colours – teal and red work well together. Red accent highlights the main call to action.
  • Typography – selection of two typefaces – serif Cinzel and sans-serif Open Sans. The combination of serif headings gives the website a ‘Roman’ look, while the sans-serif body text adds a modern feel, enhancing overall readability.
  • Revised site architecture – number of top level menu items have been reduced to improve user experience and make it easier to navigate.
  • A homepage that tells a story and attracts new members.
  • Multi-user website management system (WordPress) to easily update and add content.
  • Membership management system with front-end joining form with payments and members’ only area (third party solution). Option to additionally donate to the organisation when signing up.
  • Free and paid events signups with tickets and attendee management (third party solution).
  • Custom icons.
Roman Finds Group - home page design
Home page of the new website

Custom icons design

Custom icons