About me

Hi, my name is Aleks.

From childhood, I’ve been immersed in creativity, designing activity books for my little brother and exploring various arts and crafts.

This passion led me to pursue studies at an art college, a decision I consider one of the best in my life. Although my journey eventually took me into the field of archaeology, the foundation of skills and creativity from my art education remained invaluable.

After years in archaeology, I returned to design, joining an archaeological illustration team. Over nine years, I advanced to Senior Illustrator and Website Coordinator, leading the redesign of the company’s website and managing its online presence.

In 2023, I began freelancing as a Web and Graphic Designer, driven by a desire to assist small businesses and non-profits in enhancing their digital presence.


My experience

Aleks Creative – Freelance Illustrator, Web and Graphic Designer

  • Designing and developing websites using WordPress
  • Designing marketing materials for print and web
  • Working with local businesses and non profit organisations
  • Providing archaeological illustration services

Roman Finds Group website redesign

Shiatsu practitioner web design – coming soon

Stroud Community Agriculture, UK

  • Social Media and Marketing Lead (2023-24)
  • Communication admin (Mailchimp) (2022-23)
  • Website redesign/WordPress theme development (2022)
  • Website content coordinator (2015-23)
  • Production of a quarterly newsletter distributed online and via printed copies (2015-23)

Cotswold Archaeology, UK – Illustrator and website coordinator

  • Illustration and photography of archaeological artefacts
  • Monograph illustrations (maps and plans)
  • Book cover design
  • Poster, banner and leaflet design
  • Web design, development and coordination
  • Project management

Virtual Museum website

A line through time – booklet design

Annual lecture poster designs

Archaeological artefacts illustration and photography – coming soon

My personal work

In my personal work, I aim to capture the beauty of the natural world by drawing inspiration from its rich hues and intricate patterns.